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We Tell The Story That Matters

There is more data in the music industry than ever before AND more confusion. That is why Artistory takes a unique approach. Instead of merely sharing and aggregating data with artists, we interpret it and use it to tell their stories. The Artistory begins with a simple score from 0-100 for every music artist, and a breakdown of their strengths and weaknesses. It is an easy way for anyone -- from music experts to music fans to artists themselves-- to understand their trajectory, where they stand today, and what the future may hold.

Introducing the Artiscore™

Star Ratings for Movies and Hotels. Credit Ratings. FICA Scores.

Simple Tools that Tell A Complex Story.

Introducing The Artiscoreā„¢ for music. Our 0-100 score for every artist measures the three key components of success -- fan base size and social activity, music streaming, and touring. We bring to life the story of every artist in colorful detail, and update it daily.

Our Products

Data Subscriptions for Music Execs, Venues, Managers

Matching Engine for Brands to Find The Right Artists

Coming Soon:

An Interactive Gaming Platform for Music Fans

About Us

Artistory was founded in 2014 by a team of entrepreneurs, marketers, and music artists who believed technology could help cure some of the chaos in the music industry. Our passion is deconstructing and analyzing data to tell the real story and creating exciting products that can improve how artists, managers, brands, and fans experience the music world.

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